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Mustard Tarboosh Inspired Felt Hat



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Designer Mustard tarboosh inspired felt hat makes a regal statement. The tarboosh or fez style hat is trimmed with a beautiful vintage ribbon around the hat for the perfect finish. This style is great for a formal event or even with a simple dress. Weddings, Horse race events and gala events are occasions to consider for this hat to make a statement.

The fez is a part of the traditional clothing of Cyprus, and is still worn by some Cypriots today. Traditionally, women wore a red fez over their heads, instead of a headscarf, while men wore a black or red cap. The fez was sometimes worn by men with material (similar to a wrapped keffiyeh or turban) around the base. In his 1811 journey to Cyprus, John Pinkerton describes the fez, "a red cap turned up with fur", as "the proper Greek dress" In the Karpass Peninsula, white caps are worn, a style considered to be based on ancient Cypriot Hellenic-Phoenician attire, thus preserving men's head-wear from 2,700 years earlier.

Sizing Chart: Measure around your head.

L: 23.5 inches

Alteration options include:
- Upsize to 1 cm larger headband size
- Downsize to 2 cm smaller headband size

5-day return policy with 15% restocking fee

Special gift box packaging available for an additional $30

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