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Sugar Loaf Straw Wide Brim Sun Hat



Product Details

This Ignatius Hat straw Sugar Loaf hat is sewn of natural wheat straw. A shape inspired by "The Lost Colony" play, about the first settlers in the new world, the Sugar Loaf hat was a popular hat in Elizabethan England.  An early version of the Top Hat, it has a 6.5" crown and a 3 inch brim. A sugarloaf was the usual form in which refined sugar was produced and sold until the late 19th century, when granulated and cube sugars were introduced. A tall cone with a rounded top was the end-product the process in which the dark molasses-rich raw sugar was shaped.

It is hand made in our millinery located in Petersburg, Va. We used a hank of hand braided wheat straw, sewn together with our small collection of antique straw machines. It is finished with an edge wire, and a belting ribbon inside band.

Comes in small, medium, large and extra large. If you have any questions please feel free to message us.

Alteration options include:
- Upsize to 1 cm larger headband size
- Downsize to 2 cm smaller headband size

5-day return policy with 15% restocking fee

Special gift box packaging available for an additional $30

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